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Our company

A multi-disciplinary team, based in Cambridge, working to solve some of the most difficult problems in biotechnology

Cutting edge research and development

Base4 is developing a microdroplet based sequencing method that generates long reads from a single molecule of DNA, without the need for initial amplification. This technology will enable the generation of cheaper, more accurate and much more meaningful sequencing data, including direct readout of methylation states.

Flask Proton Computer

Our location in Cambridge gives us access to an excellent, relevant skills base and our already sizeable and multidisciplinary team is one of our very valuable assets.

Over the past few years the team has grown to more than 30 scientists and engineers with combined expertise in physics, nanofabrication, optical detection, molecular biology, microfluidics, chemistry, computer science and electrochemistry.

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Based in Cambridge

Cambridge is a centre for scientific excellence and innovation, particularly in the life sciences. The structure of DNA was discovered here and the city was the birth place of DNA sequencing. Our location gives us unparalleled access to the best of the University, the Sanger Wellcome Trust and a wide range of world class technology companies.

Two impossible things before breakfast…

An environment for problem solving



Open plan, glass-walled offices,
plenty of natural daylight.

Relaxation area

Relaxation area

If you need a nap or space to think - beanbags, eye-masks, peace and quiet, things to read.

Personal trainer

Personal training

Regular training sessions open to
everyone at lunch times.

Be heard

Be heard

Good communication is one of our top priorities. We have kept our company structure very flat - you will be heard.

Career development

Career development

In-house lectures, talks, training courses and mentoring; interaction with world class scientists and professionals.

Puzzles and problem

Puzzles and problems

We like puzzles. They’re scattered all
around the office.


We’re always on the look out

Working at Base4 requires intellectual agility, dedication and hard work but it also competitively rewards bright, original thinking. If you think you’re right for us, we’d love to hear from you.

How to apply

How to contact Base4

Base4 Innovation Ltd

Broers Building
21 JJ Thomson Avenue

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 358 652

Registered in England and Wales, Company No. 06389614

Broers Building