About Base4


Base4 was founded in Cambridge, UK in 2009

We were set up to explore and commercialise a very novel solid state nanopore concept, using plasmon resonance to enhance the photon emission from individual nucleotides as they passed through the nanopore. There was a lot that we liked about that concept, but we were uncertain whether the degree of precision needed in the instrument would allow it be commercially viable. In 2012, we began exploring an idea that built on everything we’d learned. None of the techniques needed to do this, however, existed. To do it we would need to invent and develop nearly everything.

By 2014, we shut down our nanopore research and focussed exclusively on achieving depolymerisation and capture in microdroplets. Since then, piece-by-piece, we have found the solutions we needed and developed valuable IP, and spun two companies out along the way #biofidelity #lightcastdiscov.

We have now demonstrated the entire workflow, from start to finish, published our first sequencing chemistry paper, demonstrated direct detection of methylation from individual nucleotides, and shown we can sequence and align single fragments of DNA.